Math Shop (music video)

The math class at the NOVA Career Centre wanted to have a little fun and show the world how “Math” can be awesome! The students wrote, performed and conceptualized a unique music video called “Math Shop”!

Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen without further ado enjoy the world premiere of their video.

We’d also like to take a moment and thank a few of our collaborators:

  • Jamie Neckles, singer
  • Nicholas Catalan, wrote the lyrics
  • The entire Math Class for participating in the video creation. You were great!
  • Ms. Colleen Glover (Math teacher), for her flexibility and support in allowing us an opportunity to express our “math musical performance”
  • Mr. Dan Boyle, for volunteering his time in being our sound engineer
  • Howard S. Billings High School for use of their sound studio
  • and of course Macklemore, for the song “Thrift Shop” (our inspiration)

If you like the words, here are the lyrics: written by N.Catalan

“What, what, what, what…
I’m gonna take that test
Only got twenty pencils in my pocket
I – I – I’m thinking, looking for an answer
This is freaking awesome

Yah, walk up into class like, “What up? I got a situation!”
Sorry I’m just unsure on how to solve this hard equation
I see it on the on the board, but it still doesn’t faze me
The student’s like, “Dang! These math questions are crazy.”
Think’ hard, hella hard, man I’m praying to the stars,
Thinking cap, lucky socks, should have studies, man this sucks!
What was the formula? I don’t understand this Miss.
Probably shoulda studied this, now I ain’t ready for this

But wait, I still got 30 minutes left (Solve it!)
Now I’m Copyin’ it, rushin’ it, ’bout to go and calculate it
Passin’ it to the front, last minute, I’m just surprised that I made it
Feeling nervous, hope I ace it. I’m so glad I know the basics
Times top by top, same for the bottom. What’s the problem?
Imma take your teacher’s style, Imma take your teacher’s style
Matter of fact, scratch that. I don’t want that homework pile,
Got some fractions and equations there, math everywhere, it’s hard to bear

Now I see equivalent fractions, nothing new, no need to scare

They had a math question. I answered that question.

Simplify these terms! I simplified that whole section.
Hello, hello, my inverse proportions Yo
Einstein ain’t got nothing on my math game, heck no
I could take some numerators, denominators, and make those
and then slap them on like my “Velcros”

What you know about rockin’ a number in a bracket?
What you knowin’ about math cause you lack it?
I’m counting, I’m counting, I’m searching right through those digits
One student’s question, that’s another student’s solution
Thank your granddad for donating me that memory sheet
‘And thank God that your grandad’s writing is neat
I’m in my zone now, you can find me with the top marks
I’m not being cocky, I’m confident, I worked hard
Your pencil, your sharpener, your ruler, your marker
I’ll take all of those fractions and I rock that math test
But when there’s adding and subtraction on that math test
You need a common denominator on that math test
They be like, “Oh, that’s how? You’re hella smart.”
I’m like, “Yo – that’s how solving every fraction should start.”
Back to the fractions, just do some simple subtractions
Don’t be lazy, take some action, be on that A plus student stuff
I call that honour roll, classroom improvement stuff
I call that getting down with the classroom movement stuff
Knowledge is hella dough
And being negative and thinking that you won’t ever pass is a hella don’t
Keep sane, get some confidence, never let it go
Trying to pass a class with no effort, you hella won’t
Man you hella won’t

(Good luck…don’t forget to take notes… yeah!)

I wear your teacher’s clothes
I’m feeling powerful
I’m in this real big coat
Now I feel I’m in control

I wear your teacher’s clothes
I’m feeling powerful
I’m in this real big coat
Now I feel I’m in control

Is that your principal’s coat?”


  • Sound track credit to: (if you liked the music, here is the link to the creator of the soundtrack)
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