Oh the places they will go!

Presently, six of our HAN(Health, Assistant & Nursing) students and one HCF(Health Care Facilities) student are fastidiously preparing for their international health care experience to the Dominican Republic next May. Firsthand work in offering health teaching, practicing newly acquired assessment skills in makeshift medical clinics and developing an awareness of the healthcare system in a foreign country are among the many learning experiences these participants will have. With the lending hand of their team leaders who include for the first time a carpentry teacher, they are busily fundraising by selling delicious baked goods and Dominican coffee, cooking up a sloppy joe lunch, and in the near future the CVCEC students and staff will be offered a hearty breakfast and a Pizza Hut extravaganza!

Such experiences can only make you grow!!

SO….are you ready to…be AWESOME?

Have life changing experiences and share all you have to give?

Join us today!

We would love for you to be part of all our learning!

Danielle Boak (Health Care Teacher)

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