Resources and Best Practices

Resource Centre - supporting our students

Teaching and Best Practices Resources: Click link to download

Tools and strategies: Cooperative learning activities for use with adult learners.

TEAL_JustWriteGuide: Teaching Excellence in Adult Literacy- a resource guide for adult basic education teachers.

Cooperative_learning_strategies: A short instructional guide on cooperative learning in the classroom.

Strategies for Teaching Multi-Level Groups [Autosaved] (powerpoint from Dec. 4th ped day)




PBS: Teaching Strategies for working with Adults

Brain Breaks: Students need an energizing brain break every 25-30 minutes.

Teaching Math to Adult Learners: Tips and strategies for supporting adult students with math skills.

Reading Comprehension and Adult Learners: Assisting students with literacy skills.

Instructional Strategies (Barry Bennett): Description of the different instructional strategies







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