Skills Olympics

This year our Construction Carpentry program had the privilege of participating in the “Skills Olympics” – a chance for our students to compete with other Centres to accomplish a practical task within a fixed timeframe. Skills Olympics happen in all programs every two years and this year, some of our Carpentry students expressed an interest in participating.

Our team started out with four students, but in the end, we had two who represented our Centre: Brian Brault Guthrie and Mathieu Renaud. Brian was nearing the end of his program here and was working on the last module, and Mathieu had finished less than half of the 1350 hours of the program. As trainers, it was fun to see the different levels of knowledge and experience the students had, as well as how they managed under stress.

We spent two hours a night, four days a week, for eight weeks, practicing versions of the project they were going to have to construct on their own. The students appreciated having the one on one time with the teachers assigned to any given practice session and learning different approaches and solutions to problems, as they arose.

Although, in the end, we did not win the regional competition of the Olympics, we walked away with our heads held high and our pride intact. I was very proud of our students – for their efforts, dedication and for what they accomplished. It was a fantastic experience for the teachers and students alike. Activities, such as the Olympics, solidify the dynamic relationship that we as teachers have with our students and make the job more than just a job. The video is up and running on – check it out!!

The Olympic Spirit – carpentry style

Richard Bertrand, Carpentry Teacher

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