Discovering a career path

Field Placements (Stages or Work Study)

We believe in learning by doing. In order to ensure that our students get the best of both worlds, most of our Vocational Training programs blend in-class and onsite learning. This “stage” or field placement component provides students with valuable work experience, network building and connections for future employment. These stages can be anywhere from two to three weeks. In the case of our Health, Assistance and Nursing program, there are a total of ten “stages” (each of which are two to three weeks) and in the Assistance in Health Care Facilities program there are three “stages” (each two to three weeks).

Job Employment Search

Most of our Vocational Training programs include job searching and job preparation skill building. Students will learn how to draft a resume and cover letter, set up a reference sheet and learn the tricks of the trade when preparing for a successful interview. We also provide our students with information about online and offline resources to help find job opportunities. Our onsite counsellors are available to help guide you on your job search by referring you to community partners such as Carrefour Jeunesse, Club de recherche d’emploi and Emploi Quebec. Teachers are also aware of companies looking to hire and help to match students to fulfilling careers.

Our Alumni

We stay connected to our graduates. Their success is important to us because it means that we’re doing our job. We’re proud of our track record in helping students find meaningful careers. Our extensive network of alumni also helps our current students discover possible job opportunities.

“Welding sparked an interest in me when I was very young, going to work with my father and “playing around” with some welding equipment and scrap material. After high school I decided to pursue the trade as a career and received training at the Nova Career centre. Towards the end of my studies I was advanced enough that my teachers would ask me to help other students that were having difficulty in the program, and that made me decide that I might enjoy the challenges of teaching. I completed my program in Welding & Fitting and then continued my studies in welding by taking the specialty Pipe welding program before entering the work force. Now with six years of work experience I have been given the opportunity to work as a teacher at the Education Faculty of the University of Sherbrooke.”
William Burton, former welding student

“I joined the hairdressing program without really knowing if that was what I wanted as a career. I found myself not only enjoying the classes, but I also discovered my true passion; a passion for colors, for cuts, for people and making them pretty and feel good about themselves. Thanks to my experience at NOVA, I have been an owner of a hairdressing salon for more than five years, and in a couple of months, we will be moving into a bigger place offering multiple services with a great team.”
Vicky Boor, former hairdressing student

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