SVIS Report: get the latest happenings!

SVIS (Socio-Vocational Integration Services) January Report:

We are pleasure to announce that SVIS students have completed the Communication Skills unit. This included topics such as: The Art of Communication, Formal Versus Informal Language, Written Communication, Telephone Skills, How to Use Body Language, General Communication Manners, Tips for Writing a Personal Letter and How to Communicate Best.

Before ending the semester the Options class organized a Christmas potluck. Everyone brought something to share for the party. Students also made seasonal crafts like Christmas tree Popsicle sticks and salt dough ornaments to take home for the holidays.

Earlier this month we built picnic tables with the help of John Hodges’ Carpentry class who were kind enough to pre-cut the wood and prepare all the materials necessary for us to complete the project, which made it easy to assemble. We will be embarking on another project with John’s class to build wooden mailboxes for our class as well as Melissa’s Sunshine class and the Sunshine class (SFIS class). This will allow the students to share current events and encourages writing skills amongst students. We hope to set a date to visit CVCEC to build our mailboxes in the near future.

This month the Options class began the Transitions Curriculum, which teaches students how to transition from school into the world of work. Currently, students are learning how to appreciate similarities and differences between people, understanding the hierarchy of human needs, choosing behaviours that lead to improved self-esteem, identifying characteristics about themselves and developing a resume that describes personal successes.

In Anger Management, students completed an anger management project describing constructive versus destructive ways to deal with anger.

In our health course we are continuing to learn about the five food groups, portion sizes, creating healthy snacks and how to read ingredients on food labels. As for the physical activity component of the course, we are keeping active throughout the winter months through organized sports like floor hockey, ice skating at the local arena, volleyball, spinning classes, short brisk walks and tobogganing. We are looking forward to the winter months ahead!

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