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“fifty years of wonderful experiences…”

Michael Moore, a teacher in the Interior Design and Visual Display program, has been honoured – again! He recently won the 2015 ASID Design Award in the Small Residential Design category for a kitchen he designed for a couple who live in a townhouse in Outremont.

Where does his passion come from?

“From a very early age I knew the field of architecture and interior design were my focus. The work of Frank Lloyd Wright, in the 1960’s, was my initial inspiration. I taught myself architectural drafting and perspective drawing by the time I was 16. At 18 when I graduated from high school I was fortunate to get my first job as a junior draftsman at a small, but prestigious architectural firm, known then as Webb, Zerafa & Menkes – Architects.

It was there that I was assigned to work with Allison Hymas, the partner in charge of Interior Design for the firm. She was a great teacher, a great mentor. It was her guidance and direction that led me down the path of formal design studies – and which, in hindsight, instilled in me that appreciation for considerate and thoughtful teaching and instruction.

Over the decades I have had the good fortune to work in many different aspects of interior design and interior architecture. From airport design to cruise ship design – hotels to corporate offices. Large and small scale residential projects… all have provided me with rich experience which I now, in the capacity as a teacher, attempt to pass on to my classes.

 It has been 50 years this year – fifty years of wonderful experiences, challenging projects, unique inspirations… I wonder what the next 50 will bring?”

Furthermore, his work was showcased in the “Home Front” section of the Montreal Gazette.

Congratulations Michael!

  1. Bonnie Mitchell

    Congratulations Michael! We are very lucky to have you with us at New Frontiers!