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Interactive on-line platforms for teachers and students have been one of the main focuses on the past Tech Corners. There are so many platforms to choose from which can be great for some teachers with the confidence and time to explore and experiment but many teachers are looking for a simple and familiar platforms for students to share their work, for teachers to provide immediate feed back and where lessons that contain a broad base of multimedia can be stored for students to access at their leisure. Edmodo is such a platform.

Here is a little bit about Edmodo:

In NOVA, teachers have begun to use Edmodo to engage their students and create a blended classroom model where students can use the teachers resources at their will and it is not restricted to just the classroom.

The video above is a testimonial from NOVA’s history teacher, Emilie Bowles.

Edmodo looks like a stripped down version of Facebook. It is often called the Facebook for teachers but with this platform teachers can create quizzes, assignments, and polls where upon completion the student can receive immediate feed back. You can build a strong communication line between student and teacher where constructive dialogue can enhance the learning environment.

Edmodo has some fun apps to attach to your lessons. There are free apps such as Blendspace, 500+ Projects and Lessons, and Udebate which can help you design interactive lessons, provide material for projects and help with engaging discourse in class. Purchased apps for multiple subjects are also available that can help create an interactive education community.

Have a look at Edmodo. It is aesthetically simple but simply effective.

Maybe you have a story where technology has helped increase a teaching or learning goal and would like to share it with us. If so please contact me at:

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