Letter from Santa!

To my friends at NFSB,

I wanted to say how fortunate I was to have spoken to the 24 separate groups of students, over the course of 5-days, from 10 different schools & Centres ranging from PreK & Kindergarten students to my special friends in the Sunshine Class at HAECC.  I will always cherish each of the half hour discussions we shared together via the videoconference system you have in your schools. Hearing about how well you are behaving, how you treat your classmates, what you like to do at school, receiving your pictures, hearing stories about your families and finally what you would like under the Christmas Tree brought a smile to my jolly old face.

I would like to also say a special thanks to my friends in the Interior Decorating and Visual Display program for helping me decorate my North Pole office, it definitely needed a little holiday cheer. Without you, it would be extremly difficult to ensure the “Holiday Magic” experience for the students I spoke with. I would also like to thank my friends in the Hairdressing department who helped me ensure my beard and hair were styled to perfection. A special word of thanks to “Jimmy the Elf”, who helps me here at the North Pole, with all the logistics.

Finally, I want to wish a Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to the fantastic staff and teachers who helped make our videoconference discussions go so smoothly.

Thank you,

Santa Claus

**above is a copy of what Santa Claus wrote to us at NFSB.**


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