Excitement in Health Care

February is a big month for the Health Care team. The second year Health, Assistance & Nursing(HAN) students will be graduating at the end of this month; the new HAN’s are hard at work trying to pass all of their exams. The Health Care Facilities(HCF) students are starting their first stage this week in local establishments.  I would like to give you a little insight on how they are feeling. Here are several quotes from students going out on stage for the first time.

“Excited but nervous at the same time!” S.Robson

“Tired, happy and can’t wait for my son to cook his own supper while I’m helping somebody else!” C.Theoret

“I’m ready, but very nervous!” M.Sequin

“Being left alone with a patient for the first time sounds stressful, but I am excited about the experience!” P.Gahan

“Can’t wait to be out there and help people!” T. McDonagh

“I’m nervous but I’m confident!” V.Betournay

“I’m excited and ready to make people happy. I’m ready to take care of people with the best of my knowledge.”M.Levesque

“Excited and nervous, can’t wait to go on stage.” K.Stacey

“I am very nervous, but anxious, excited to get started and to get to meet all my patients, and to be comfortable.” S.Diabo

“Excited, nervous, but looking forward to the future that this will become.” T.Bohemen

“Nervous but also very excited, it will be a new adventure!” .J.Crevier    .

We are all proud of all our students in the Health Care programs, keep up the great work!


Kim Tannahil (Health Care Teacher)

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