The Carpentry class at CVCEC, who started their course August 2015 and graduated August 2016, enthusiastically participated in building a well appreciated permanent structure in Ormstown.
The Ormstown Fair grounds were in need of a new announcer’s booth/tower for their race track. So the future carpenters of CVCEC and their staff of Carpentry teachers designed and constructed a hexagonal (6-sided) two storey tower with windows on all sides for a panoramic view of the whole race track. Contrary to the usual build and tear-down structures typically used to build carpenter skills, this structure will remain for years to come and provide added pleasure to the Fair Ground visitors.
Needless to say, the project was a phenomenal success for everyone at both ends, CVCEC and the Ormstown residents.
Hats off to the team of future carpenters from CVCEC who should be proud of their efforts and contributions to this project.

Robert Chevalier
Carpentry Teacher, CVCEC

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