Video: Graduation – Our House (Episode 9)

Did you have a Scottish bagpiper introduce you during your graduation ceremony? Well our students did :).

In this episode we attend CVCEC’s Graduation Ceremony. We get a chance to speak to a few students and staff members who explain the pride and joy felt during this momentous event in one’s academic journey. Congratulations to all our Carpentry, Landscaping Operations, Assistance in Health Care Facilities, Home Care Assistance and Health, Assistance & Nursing (HAN) students.

We have another LEED tip of the day: the prerequisite to investigate local options for waste diversion, reusable materials and sending construction waste to recycling centres. (Great job done by one of carpentry students – Karma Sherpa)

And if you’ve missed our previous episodes, be sure to check them out in our: “Our House” Video Gallery – where you’ll find the first seven episodes.

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