Cultural Diversity

On my first day of school, I was ecstatic to be taking the Drafting program at CVCEC. I knew design was something that really interested me; I loved the work, because I had previously received my DEP as an interior decorator from the NOVA Career Centre.

I soon discovered I was the only Canadian student among the 15 International students in my class, which was a bit overwhelming. As time moved on, I could see the other students in my class had interesting and amazing qualities, making them all unique, just like me.

A few weeks had passed, and I had transitioned really well into this new part of my life. It gave me an in depth look at my future, while studying at my own pace. It is a program that gives you the hands on experience that is really needed to succeed in the field. My class even had the pleasure to individually create a new and unique design for our own school. It is something special to be able to see your dreams and ideas become a reality.

Being different was very awkward in the beginning, but it gave me the confidence to work really hard and be unique rather than out of place. I now feel right at home, with good friends, teachers, and a school I love!

Written by: Taylor Wright, Drafting student, CVCEC

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