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Chinese New Year @ NFSB

Chinese New Year 2016 – The Year of the Monkey – was celebrated at the NOVA Career Centre and Howard S. Billings High School by showcasing a variety of different Chinese customs & traditions as demonstrated by the international students from each school.
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How to make papier-mâché dragon!

Are you ready to use your creativity to build your very own papier-mâché dragon? Our students in the Interior Decorating & Visual Display program will walk you through the process. Previous – How to videos: – How to install vinyl siding (carpentry department-PART 1)  / (Exterior C
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Hello Kongzi

Our students are preparing their ‘Confucius’ art designs which shall be presented as part of the International “Hello Kongzi” exhibit during the upcoming “MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE” festival. The work done by the ‘Interior Decoration and Visual Display‘ s
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All the world’s a stage – redux

I should probably be getting used to it by now… after all, this the 3rd(?) time? I believe so, yes… the third time that we’ve had a class return from their 4-week stages and do a presentation before us – all their teachers and their classmates. Off they go to p
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NOVA decorating elves at work!

This year at Christmas, all the stars fell perfectly in line. I was actually scheduled to teach Special Events during the holiday season! The Winter 2015 Day group, the majority of whom were not even in Canada this time last year, got the hands on experience of decorating two location
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Santa’s Shop (video)

Our international students in Interior Decorating and Visual Display and their teacher Shelley McGowan heard Santa Claus was looking to refresh “Santa’s Workshop” in the North Pole, so they decided to step up and create a whole new backdrop for Mr. Claus. For five ye
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The “Trades” team up!

TEAM WORK! This week the landscaping students came to help us (Horticulture program) with our tunnel. Thanks for all your help. This week we also visited tropical greenhouses and the Interior Decorating and Visual Display students from NOVA joined us and saw how greenwalls are made
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“I Choose Me”, is…

As you interact with us going forward you may notice our new NFSB Continuing Education logo, or maybe a new banner or ad. What we hope you’ll see is, us honouring our current and future students who find the courage to overcome obstacles, defy expectation, and follow their passion. Wh
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Walking on sunshine

On a beautiful November Day, sun is shining outside as well as inside…  A nice walk-around at NOVA…
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NOVHalloween 2015

Another fun event this October, where students and staff wrapped themselves up with creative, witty and spooky attires! A few shining moments: Scariest Costume: The Joker (Dominic Laposta from Academics) Funniest Costume: The Old Man (Brandon Whitebean from Academics) Most Original Co
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