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Treasure Hunt

Is it possible to have fun and learn outside the classroom? The Residential and Commercial Drafting students were proven so on an engaging educational activity at the Salon National de l’habitation, construction fair. Moreover, they were able to gain some bilingual field related vocab
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Wide World

On Thursday, March 2nd, Ms. O’Connor’s Math class embarked on the first leg of a World Tour of NOVA’s Vocational Programs. The Math class was divided into three groups. Each group started at a different department: Automobile Mechanics, Interior Decorating & Visual Display and Res
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“Interior” roadtrip…

Michael Moore, professor, brought his Interior Decorating & Visual Display class on a Field Trip.  Here is their story … So – I hauled myself out of my sick bed… ta da! And got myself to Montreal Lighting on Paré for our 9:30 start (cause they actually don’
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The land of promise…

Coming to school abroad can be an amazing experience. Brenda, one of International Student graduated in the Interior Decorating and Visual Display program explains how her experience went.
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Letter from Santa!

To my friends at NFSB, I wanted to say how fortunate I was to have spoken to the 24 separate groups of students, over the course of 5-days, from 10 different schools & Centres ranging from PreK & Kindergarten students to my special friends in the Sunshine Class at HAECC.  I wi
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Go! Pokémon, Go!

What a wonderful experience it was to work with the evening group of students on their final Window Display! Being their last visual display project of the program, students were asked to create a Window Display to be set up in our NOVA Window Display by following given directions. Si
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My Teaching Journey at NOVA

The journey to becoming a teacher has been an exciting challenge. As a new teacher at Nova Career Centre in the Interior Decorating and Display Department, I have tried to draw upon my field experience in design. I have designed private jets for Bombardier, worked on high-end and hist
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The Interior Decorating and Visual Display department at the Nova Career Centre was once again happy to flex their talented muscles by providing and installing the decor for the 2016 NFSB Golf Tournament. The students were able to gain real life experience by applying their lessons le
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Michelle’s Kitchen

Of the many modules offered in the Interior Decorating and Visual Display program, the Interior decorating project based on Modular Built-in Elements may be one of the most interesting! In this module,  students actually make over a kitchen and family room. The challenge was that the
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Kongzi en Lumière

Our students had their ‘Kongzi’ (‘Confucius’ in Chinese) art designs showcased during the International “Hello Kongzi” exhibit at the “MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE” festival this past month. The work done by the ‘Interior Decoration and Visual Display&
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