Horticulture and Landscaping go hand in hand…

We encourage students to complete the Landscaping Operations program as well as the Horticulture and Garden Centre Operations program. Each program has specialties yet both programs complement and complete training for an ever more demanding industry.
Here is the story of Shannon DeRosier who completed both programs.
“Having raised my children to where they can take care of themselves, I found myself needing to do something more. I knew working outdoors was right for me so I enrolled in the Horticulture and Garden Centre Operations program. After learning about plants, how the soil works and basic landscape design I decided I needed more. Knowing how ponds, walkways and patios can work in the garden design interested me. Signing up for the Landscaping Operations program was the next logical step.
After completing both programs, several opportunities presented themselves for me. In my first summer I built an amazing pond, a patio and retaining wall and redesigned gardens. It has been satisfying for me to be able to use the skills I have learned.”

We wish Shannon all the best as she embarks on her new career path.

Debbie Dohmen (Landscaping teacher, CVCEC)

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