I Choose Me

We’ve spent the last year thinking about who we are.

As you interact with us going forward you’ll likely see our new NFSB Continuing Education logo, or maybe a new banner or ad. What we hope you’ll see is us honouring our current and future students who find the courage to overcome obstacles, defy expectation, and follow their passion.

Whether they’re exploring one of our 16 trades programs like carpentry, auto mechanics, and interior decorating, or deciding to go back to school to get their high school diploma, what all of our students share in common is the conviction to say: “Here’s what matters to me” and then to go out and get it.

Our work as educators, guides, and mentors is about helping them transform that aspiration into a meaningful impact on the communities where they live, play and will eventually find work. As the school year rolls on, you’ll see a lot more of how we intend to prove what amazing things can happen when we help people convert their passion into real sense of purpose.

That’s what we’re about. What are you about? What’s your choice? Where does your journey begin?


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