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Welded For Success – (Alumni Corner)

Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life! Ask Jeff McKeller about his job as a welder and you’ll know he lives that exact life! Jeff owns McKeller Metalworks and as a Welding Alumni from the NOVA Career Centre, we are ecstatic to give him an opportunity to
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Alumni Stories: Geordie Hottot

Many students have graduated from the Carpentry program over the years, but it is always a great pleasure to hear about the successes of any one of those grads. Recently we were happy to see Geordie Hottot return to the Centre to prepare for his examinations to become a Journeyman Car
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Full Circle

I started as a drafting student in the New Frontiers School Board seventeen years ago. I found the course challenging and very rewarding. The teachers were knowledgeable, they prepared informative lessons and they gave one-on-one time when it was needed. I enjoyed my time at school ve
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New Challenge

I needed a new challenge in my life – I wanted to go out with a big “BANG” before I retire. I wanted to make a difference in my life, by helping others. It gives me a sense of gratification when I can assist in meeting the needs of an individual; to see a smile on their face, and know
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Horticulture and Landscaping go hand in hand…

We encourage students to complete the Landscaping Operations program as well as the Horticulture and Garden Centre Operations program. Each program has specialties yet both programs complement and complete training for an ever more demanding industry. Here is the story of Shannon DeRo
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Women changing the world!

Today, March 8th is International Women’s Day and we wanted to showcase a few of our amazing women students/alumni and their stories. This is a day to recognize women’s achievements and acknowledge the challenges they continue to face in the quest for gender equality. Happy Inte
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Alumni out and about…

The Government of Canada suggests that the best way of preventing the spread of influenza is by getting a flu vaccine every year, especially for people who are at risk and for those who work within the health care field. As a teacher within the health care program at CVCEC, I made an
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MishFits coming together: Alumni Corner

Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life! Just ask Stephen Mish, the owner of Les Fabrications MishFits if he is living his dream? He will be the first to tell you, he wouldn’t change a thing (except ride his mountain bike a bit more often). In this Alumni
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My Teaching Journey at NOVA

The journey to becoming a teacher has been an exciting challenge. As a new teacher at Nova Career Centre in the Interior Decorating and Display Department, I have tried to draw upon my field experience in design. I have designed private jets for Bombardier, worked on high-end and hist
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Cultural Diversity

On my first day of school, I was ecstatic to be taking the Drafting program at CVCEC. I knew design was something that really interested me; I loved the work, because I had previously received my DEP as an interior decorator from the NOVA Career Centre. I soon discovered I was the onl
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