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Women changing the world!

March 8th, 2020 is International Women’s Day and we wanted to showcase a few of our amazing women students/alumni and their stories. This is a day to recognize women and their achievements.  Happy International Women’s Day! Here are a few amazing stories! Melyna – Au
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InNOVAtion 360 style! – Alumni Corner (Helen Bar)

Helen Bar is an Alumni from the NOVA Career Centre in Interior Decorating & Visual Display + Starting a Business programs… and we had to tell her story. When she came to NOVA she wanted to change career paths, do something which would allow her to follow her passions and all
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Felicia’s Story

Felicia Phillips was born with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a genetic eye disorder that causes a loss of vision. Felicia is legally blind. Felicia went with her husband for a meeting about his career options when she was, in turn, asked about her educational goals. After a little over a year
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I love what I do! School Daycare Educator

Sandra worked at Harmony Elementary as a volunteer and an attendant because she loved working with kids. She then found the SCHOOL DAYCARE EDUCATOR program offered at the NOVA Career Centre. This allowed her to reach her next professional goal… a school daycare educator. Upon co
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Ready to take on the world…

“With all this knowledge, you have what it takes to be successful. You owe everything to yourself. Thank you, congratulations and the very best wishes for future success to everyone. – NOVA student (Amanda Gavin) The NOVA Career Centre 2018 Graduation Ceremony was inspirin
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Reinventing yourself – Secretarial Studies (Alumni Corner)

Going back to school when you’re in your 40s can be a scary proposition. But Rita Hillenbrand wanted to reinvent herself, enhance her skill set and take on a new challenge to find a new career. She did it and then some! Rita is an integral part of the NOVA team and the first fac
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Your work experience may count! (RAC @ NFSB)

Meet Chris Jones! He had ‘work experience’ but didn’t have the ‘certification’ he needed to go with it! He just finished the RAC process with us. He is now fully certified with the cards he needs to work where he wants, how he wants and with whom he wants
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My Personal Experience at HAECC

This month Alyssa Breen, a student here at Huntingdon Adult Education & Community Centre, graciously penned a short version of her personal journey of self-discovery and growth at the centre. Here is what Alyssa has to say about her time at HAECC and what it’s meant to her.
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Drafting up a success plan – Alumni Corner

The owner of his own construction and renovation business, Mahdi Payravi has become a one-stop shop for his clients as a Residential and Commercial Drafting alumni from the NOVA Career Centre. His diversified skill set and knowledge give him an edge in the construction and renovation
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Hang on to the resources – Alumni Corner

A graduate from our Secretarial Studies program, Linda Boor’s determination and perseverance to find a career which would allow her to support her family steered her towards taking the Secretarial Studies program. That decision did not disappoint. She continues to use the resour
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