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HOME is where the HEART is. (‘Our House’ special presentation)

The Our House build was nearing completion and Habitat for Humanity was still looking for a family… they found one. We are proud to introduce you to Kim and Kevin’s family. This is HOME is where the HEART is. (‘Our House’ special presentation) Kim and Kevin wal
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Award of Excellence – “Our House project”

The New Frontiers School Board was awarded the Grand Prize in the category of Education, at the Prix d’excellence de l’administration publique de Quebec – for the “Our House Project”. Congrats to all our partners, teachers, staff, and especially our stude
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Chase’s New Home / “The Tour” – Episode 22 (bonus!)

We have a bonus episode! Chase is so excited to show the world his new Habitat for Humanity, LEED certified (eco-friendly) home built by students and staff from CVCEC and our other partners. We said “Chase you be our host and take everyone on a tour”. When you have a few m
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video: The Finale – Our House – Episode 21

The day we have all been waiting for is finally here… Stacey and Chase get the keys to their new home. In this episode, we celebrate the official Habitat for Humanity – Key Ceremony event. Our partners from the municipality of Ormstown, Ecohabitation and countless others j
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Key Ceremony – NFSB – Our House

We had a day full of joy, a few tears, happiness and pride. Along with Habitat pour l’humanité Québec, the municipality of Ormstown, Écohabitation, our countless other partners, teachers, staff, students and volunteers – this morning we took part in the ‘Key Ceremony
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video: Volunteers making a difference! – Our House (Episode 20)

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.  – (Margaret Mead) Would you : raise at least $500, take a day off of work, do some free construction work (which is also a new experience for
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Video: Landscaping the lot – Our House (Episode 19)

The inside of the home is getting touch-ups, fixtures, paint and everything else needed to have the house ready for Stacey and her family to come and live in this summer. The outside however… needs lots of work. Who you going to call? The Landscaping department to the rescue! St
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Video: Canadian Proud – Our House (Episode 18)

Get a sneak peek inside of the House! The honourable member of the Canadian Parliament, Anne Minh-Thu Quach (Salaberry-Suroit), came to CVCEC and the Our House site to visit the installations, meet students and staff and learn about some of the innovative projects that are happening i
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We still need ONE FAMILY!

Believe it, TODAY on April 6th 2017 – we just received word that the 2nd FAMILY for the OUR HOUSE project is still out there!!! It can be you, or a family who you know. Don’t take it for granted that too many people are applying, we have some, but as of this very second, n
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Video: The Move (part 2 of 2) – Our House (Episode 17)

We meet the first family! The house finds a new address. We have a drone flying around getting wonderful footage! Get your first look at the ‘Our House’ home on the new site as the modules leave CVCEC by truck, get lifted by crane and placed into position in Ormstown​. WHA
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